It wasn’t a secret that Cut the Rope developer Zeptolab had some new games in the works for release this year, however as of today we are being given a look at one. That game is another from the Cut the Rope series and will land as Cut the Rope: Time Travel. Zeptolab has yet to reveal much in terms of details aside from the teaser video which can be seen below.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is going to be coming to Android, however the pricing and release date remain a mystery. Even the teaser video, which measures in at a little over a minute in length — is light on the details. It does make it clear (not only in name), that this upcoming game will be focused on time travel, but we were not given any game play footage.

Placing this upcoming release aside for a moment and we remember that another Zeptolab release was recently updated. That update was for Cut the Rope: Experiments and the update (which arrived in early-March), brought 25 new levels. Of course, aside from Cut the Rope, there is also another game from Zeptolab called Pudding Monsters.

Cut the Rope: Experiments is available in two formats — one for free and one for $0.99. The same goes for Pudding Monsters, that is available for free or in an HD version for $0.99. With that, now seems like a good time to finish up those recently added Experiments levels and maybe even play some Pudding Monsters. Of course, we are going to remain on the lookout for additional Time Travel details.


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