When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S III smartphone to the world one of the many exciting aspects was wireless charging accessory. Inductive charging has been around for a few years now, but no big name Android manufacturers have ventured into it until Samsung made the announcement. Later that was delayed but now ZENS has announced their own option for the smartphone.

We still aren’t fully sure what Samsung had prepared, but they stated it would be a unique and “first wireless resonant charger.” That lead us to believe it could be different than past inductive chargers that needed to sit on a dock, just without wires. Hopefully this new option will allow you to be “near” the charger, and not actually on it. Truly wireless. Shortly after the Galaxy S III announcement we reported that the wireless charger had been delayed until September.

Now it looks like a 3rd party manufacturer by the name is ZENS is here to steal the glory. Thanks to PocketNow it looks like we have a better idea of what to expect. Just like ZENS previous products, you’ll be required to swap out the battery cover for their own, and then you can charge away all wirelessly. They offer Pebble blue and pearl white replacement backs, and the only change is the inclusion of the inductive charging supplies, and their own branding on the back.

Samsung is a founding member of the Alliance for Wireless Power, so we still expect something awesome from them later this year. While we wait for Samsung to reveal more details, hopefully before September, we’ll have to settle for 3rd party options like ZENS. More details can be found below.

[via MakeZENS]