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If you are already happy with Android Auto, your user experience is made even better as it brings support for YouTube Music in the free tier. Google Home and Google Assistant support to play your uploaded music has been added recently. YouTube Music being added to the many apps that can be accessed is very good news. You can now see a playlist button so free users can play uploaded songs. This definitely means Google Play Music is no more.

You can simply say, “Hey Google, play this or that on YouTube Music”. It’s that easy. It appears Google really wants more people to use YouTube Music in a world where Spotify still seems to be dominating.

Uploaded songs can now be played on Android Auto even if you have a free account according to a redditor. You will also notice a playlist button on the interface. Usually, only those with premium accounts can enjoy YouTube Music on Android Auto. We think Google really wants to get ahead and give people more reason to use YouTube Music.

YouTube Music still needs a lot of updating. Personally, I use it. I have discontinued my premium Spotify account. I choose YouTube Music because the subscription also includes premium access to YouTube–no ads!

Google has been working on several updates to most of its products and services. YouTube Music now makes it easier to stream music on smart TVs. It also now offers personal playlists to Google Assistant and casting for non-premium members. Expect better playlist features and overall experience.


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