Yahoo is adding a not so new but very functional feature on Aviate. Search on Aviate now allows searching for things that are more specific. You can start searching for stuff on the Web, contacts, and your apps on your mobile device right on Aviate. No need to launch another window or a separate web browser because you can finish searching on Aviate. Search results will be displayed on your homescreen.

Yahoo is bringing this first release for those in the United States and for the English-speaking users only. Yahoo plans to bring Search to more Aviators soon but no information when exactly or at least a time frame.

To get Search on Aviate, simply download the latest Aviate app. You will see a transparent search widget on your homescreen and you can start searching. Note that only those with devices running Android 4.0+ can enjoy Search on Aviate.

Aviate is a launcher that brings simplicity and more intelligence to Android. It’s an app that allows easier navigation and access to the other apps and features of a phone or tablet. Yahoo announced it last year but global launch was only last June. Yahoo has been regularly updating the app too adding support for icon packs, notification badges, custom collections, and Listening Spaces among others.

SOURCE: Yahoo Aviate