Aviate, now under Yahoo’s guidance, has just released an update to the beta version of its smart homescreen. This time, the smarts in this smart launcher will be honing in on your listening habits and try to anticipate things you might want to know.

One of the core concepts in Aviate is a Space, a set of apps, widgets and settings that is dynamically determined by your location or habits. A Work space, for example, will show you information and apps that Aviate has determined to be essential in keeping you productive. Aviate switches spaces depending on your location or time of day, transitioning from home to work or morning to evening. Of course, you can always manually inject your own choices into those spaces, but the point of these smart launchers is that they will try to do it for you.

In its latest update, Aviate introduces a new space by the name of Listening Space. As the name points out, this one keeps tabs on your music. Aviate automatically switches to this space when you plugin your headphones. If Aviate already has your listening habits down to a T, it will show all relevant apps and even make app suggestions. But Aviate goes the extra mile and dynamically shows you information about the artist you are currently listening to. This could include bios, latest tweets and even concert information.

The latest version of Aviate Beta is now up on Google Play Store but you will need a key to actually be able to use it. The update also includes other improvements unrelated to music, such as a new Photography app collection as well as improved location detection.

SOURCE: Aviate