The Aviate launcher is not only smart but can now also be pretty. Starting with the latest update, Aviate can now use the myriad of icon themes available in Google Play Store to help turn the Aviate smart homescreen into a truly personalized experience.

As a smart launcher, Aviate tries to learn from users’ movements and usage habits in order to offer the best recommendations when it comes to apps. It does afford a bit of manual customization by letting users modify the app collections or add some widgets. However, the allowed changes are quite few and even the number of widgets you can place is actually limited. Now, however, users can add a personal touch by installing the icon theme of their choice.

Themers are familliar with icon packs and might have been missing them in Aviate. The good news is that now they don’t have to say goodbye to their favorite packs when they switch to using Aviate. Aviate supports icon packs that are compatible with a wide variety of other launchers, such as ADW, Apex Launcher, LauncherPro, or Nova Launcher. To change to an icon pack, simply go to the Settings space and tap on Set Icon Pack. users will be presented with a list of available icon packs, the choice to download more, or even revert to the stock icons.

The updates Aviate launcher with icon pack support is now available on Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it is still in limited beta so aspiring new users will have to request and wait for an invite code from within the app to get in.

SOURCE: Aviate