Xiaomi seems to be determined to get its crown back. It’s natural for any OEM previously on top of the game to work harder and regain victory but for Xiaomi, instead of coming up with more phones, the brand is venturing into other businesses like mobile payment service and the chipset industry . Xiaomi could also just be experimenting but one thing is sure: it’s here to stay.

A couple of weeks from today, Xiaomi is scheduled to launch a new version of the MIUI. The company already announced that on May 10, it will be introducing the new MIUI 8 complete with a new notification shade, Notes, and Phone app. Mi phones will soon be able to run the new user interface on top of Android. Aside from the MIUI 8, expect to see the new Mi Band 2 and Mi Max to be unveiled.

Obviously a follow up to the MIUI 7, this upcoming version will include a new design plus new features. All these and more offer a new kind of mobile experience for fans of Xiaomi products. You’ll notice the enhanced Phone app as demonstrated below:

Xiaomi also updated the Notes app where you only need to swipe down on your screen to make a new one. Deleting a note is also easier with a simple double swipe.

The new Notification Shade is noticeable on the MIUI 8 notification bar. Watch the preview below:

It seems that Xiaomi really is ready with the new MIUI. It’s more than willing to show off video previews of the new features. Hats off to Xiaomi. Looking forward to the new MIUI 8.