Xiaomi is uber busy these days and it has a lot more in store for us. After the Mi Drone and Mi Box, here’s the Mi Cube Controller that will definitely change our lives. So what is it? It’s a small cube device that comes with different sensors that can “read” various actions like Shake, Rotate, Nudge, 180-degree flip, 90-degree flip, or Double Knock. You can utilize this gadget to control many devices at home.

The Mi Cube Controller is like a smart home controller but it’s also great for gaming. You can do a lot with it and pair with several devices at once. Since Xiaomi is also slowly entering the smart home arena, it only makes sense that Xiaomi offers something like this to control other devices. If you’re at home and you’re gadgets and appliances are connected, you can just manage from one device. It works best with other Mi Smart Home Devices because they can be integrated easily.


There’s no information yet if it will be available in the United States but it can be exciting to imagine what you can do with a Mi Cube. If Xiaomi opens it up for software development, imagine the millions of possibilities. Xiaomi will be offering the Mi Cube Controller in China at a very, very affordable price of ¥69 which is only $10! Too cheap? Thank you Xiaomi!

Xiaomi Mi Cube

The Xiaomi Mi Cube Controller will be available in various pastel colors as pictured below.

VIA: SlashGear