Xiaomi has been pushing devices in flash sales lately. Details of these sales have been popping up from time to time and it looks like word of another has arrived. This latest had Xiaomi selling 150,000 of the Mi3 smartphone in just under 10 minutes time. While those numbers are comparable to what we have seen from other sales, there was an interesting twist this time around.

Xiaomi managed to sell those 150,000 smartphones in 10 minutes — using a chat app. Specifically, Xiaomi used the WeChat app which is from Tencent. They had announced the details on their official Sina Weibo account and listed an official time of 9 minutes and 55 seconds.

WeChat, as of the end of Q3 2013 is said to have 272 million monthly active users. And if nothing else, this just goes to show the power of the platform, which in this case was used to sell quite a bit of smartphones in a relatively short amount of time. Looking back, the previous Xiaomi flash sale was for Singles Day and had the company sell a total or 380,000 devices.

That included a mix of 110,000 Mi3 smartphones, 110,000 Hongmi smartphones, 110,000 2S smartphones and 50,000 set-top boxes. The key here, this latest flash sale, while interesting given the use of the WeChat app, was not the fastest. The Singles Day sale managed to sell those 110,000 Mi3 smartphones in three minutes time and earlier there was a sale that had 100,000 units going in roughly 90 seconds.

VIA: The Next Web


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