Xiaomi has been doing some flash-sales recently. These sales have the company making a limited number of devices available for sale at a specified time and keeping them up until sold out. Back in October we saw Xiaomi sell through 100,000 units of the MI3 smartphone in about 90 seconds. This most recent flash sale didn’t have the handset selling out that quickly, but another 110,000 went in minutes.

Basically, that is to say that Xiaomi may have something good going with these flash sales. But with that in mind, this most recent sale was done for “Single’s Day” which according to Hugo Barra, this is “basically the opposite of Valentine’s Day and people celebrate their bachelor lives rather than their love.” Or as Xiaomi appears to have proven, it is “also serious business.”

Details of the sale show that Xiaomi released 380,000 devices in total. These were split up between 110,000 MI3 smartphones, 110,000 Hongmi smartphones, 110,000 2S smartphones and 50,000 set-top boxes. It was said the MI3 sold out in the first three minutes time. And along with the MI3 models, the Hongmi sold out just as quickly.

According to details coming from Techinasia, Xiaomi was able to bring RMB107 million in sales revenue from the initial blast in latest flash sale. That equates to about $17.5 million in terms of US dollars and also made Xiaomi the first company on Tmall to break the RMB100 million benchmark.

Things didn’t appear to have stopped close to the RMB107 milestone though. Further details point towards the sale topping RMB300 after the 30 minute mark. Otherwise, aside from the October flash sale, Xiaomi also managed to sell 100,000 units of the WCDMA Hongmi devices in four minutes time during a sale that took place last week.


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