Most stress and durability tests we see on YouTube are usually focused on the latest premium flagship phones from the top global brands like Samsung, Apple, Sony, and LG. The past few weeks, we were entertained by several videos featuring the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. This time, it’s the Xiaomi Mi 5’s turn to be in the spotlight.

Be entertained by this funny durability test by Alex Wang, Java Software Engineer at Xiaomi Technology.

Wang tried to scratch the ceramic back cover of the Xiaomi Mi 5 with keys, sharpening tools like a mill file, and carpentry tools like a crosscut saw and a hack saw.

Ceramic Xiaomi MI 5 Pro 1 Back Cover Scratch Test 6

We don’t know if there was much force applied but we’d want to try it ourselves and experience how it feels to do this…

Ceramic Xiaomi MI 5 Pro 1 Back Cover Scratch Test 10

…and still smile for the camera.

Ceramic Xiaomi MI 5 Pro 1 Back Cover Scratch Test 11

Okay. That’s not really a smile but more like a grin. Imagine using an electric drill to cut through your phone. Would you still smile? I’d cringe.

Of course, we know the video is staged. It’s interesting that Xiaomi execs and employees are testing their products in extreme ways. Just a couple of weeks ago, Xiaomi execs Hugo Barra and Jai Mani did the Ultimate Redmi Note 3 Glass Test.

We’re curious if the results would be different if JerryRigEverything does his own testing. Let’s wait and see if Jerry would give attention to the Xiaomi Mi 5.

VIA: 95TO5Google

SOURCE: Alex Wang, Xiaomi