Inductive battery covers will charge your smartphone and do it wireless. With inductive charger battery covers you simply lay the device on the charging pad and zooooom, battery gets full. We have heard and seen these before and the Thunderbolt cover recently hit store shelves. It looks like the inductive covers for the Droid 3, Revolution and the Thunderbolt are all in stock and available from Verizon.

We knew the Droid 3 would be getting the inductive charging based on the leaked accessory list and it appears they are already listed for sale. It isn’t all wireless because you do have to plug in the charging pad, but the important thing is the phone wont have any cables attached.

You can get the charging pad by clicking here then just buy the inductive battery cover for the device you own if supported and you are all set. The charging pad is $69.99 and the covers differ in price between phones so this isn’t a cheap solution but may be useful to some. Would you use a inductive charger and is the price worth it to you? Tell us below in the comments.

[via Droid-Life]