When it comes to charging your gadgets it can be a massive pain in the rear to have to dig around for cables to lug your device in. This is especially true if you charge at a desk or table where the charge cable tends to get knocked behind the desk leaving you to crawl around looking for your cord. There are a bunch of wireless charging solutions on the market that support different types of tech.

The catch is that most of the aftermarket systems require you to put a case of some sort on your smartphone. Back in April we talked about the official wireless charging battery cover door for the Verizon HTC ThunderBolt and had expected it to hit stores. For some reason that official battery cover availability never happened until now. You can get the ThunderBolt wireless charging battery cover in Verizon stores right now.

The cover is available for $29.99. I see no indication of the universal Qi technology on the product photo so you will also need to pick up the much more expensive wireless charging platform too. That charging platform will set you back an extra $69.99.

[via Droid-Life]