The Motorola Droid 3 is no secret and we’ve known it was coming for a while. With leaked photos and even shown on Verizon roadmaps. Now we are seeing an entire accessory list for the upcoming successor to the original DROID series.

Even looking at the top of the leaked image and not the accessory list it looks as if the Droid 3 will come with a 32GB MicroSD card included just like a few other Verizon phones of late so that is nice. On to that accessory list we see all sorts of goodies, from an extended battery over 1900 mAh to inductive charging and more, although you might want to get the HDMI cable somewhere else for cheap.

Motorola has been good in the past to release accessories like car docks and multimedia docks quickly along with their phones and the Droid 3 looks to be the same as I see a few of those listed as well. I wish all carriers did the same because I’d love a nice dock for a few of my Android phones sitting around. We should be hearing something official about the Droid 3 any time now and I’ve heard rumors of a July 14th release date so stay tuned for more.

[via Droid-Life]