The latest we hard about Cyanogen was the news about Kirk McMaster being CEO no more . The company started as a curious startup but soon expanded into becoming a leader in its own league. It has undergone several important changes already but at the same time, has continued to provide the industry the opportunity to keep Android open. Cyanogen as a modded Android helps empower the mobile users to make an independent version.

In a way, Android is unrestricted yet collaborative as described by the Cyanogen team. The company will only continue to enhance the platform and introduce more services like this new Cyanogen Modular OS program. This one no longer requires Cyanogen OS stack and individual bring-ups.

The partnership program provides users the chance to present customizable Android phones that will be powered by MODs and modules that are based on Cyanogen OS. With different components and modules, anyone can make their very own Android smartphone. You can also choose your own ROM if you want. Or if you want to incorporate Artificial Intelligence, you can test out the AI cloud services of Cyanogen. Feel free to check the technology and see if you can develop around it.

The Artificial Intelligence is able to learn usage patterns and offer smarter ways to interact with other devices. It can deliver more contextual and personalized interactions as it also aims to make the device smarter and more interactive than ever.

Cyanogen’s Modular OS program is different from the CyanogenMod. This one allows free flow of intelligence and independence so developers and other OEMs can use or borrow from the technology in new and interesting ways.

These things are part of the recent changes happening inside Cyanogen. Lior Tal becomes the new CEO after its co-founder and former CEO decided to leave his post.