If you’ve been envying those that have all the latest emojis, including the burrito ones (because we all know life is not worth living without a burrito emoji), then WhatsApp will come to your rescue. The popular messaging app has been on a roll lately, celebrating 1 billion users, dropping subscription fees, and now, bringing all new emojis to rival that of our iOS 9.1 user friends. Yes, we have come to the point where bringing new and interesting emojis is already considered a major app update.

But hey, we’re not trivializing emojis. We all know how important they are to a lot of people. Some people even use it solely to communicate with their friends. And so WhatsApp bringing new ones and in a tabbed collection nonetheless is something that will excite said people. Version 2.12.441 brings a lot of the same emojis that our iPhone users have been enjoying, and that includes the whole burrito madness. The new tabs of emojis are located up front and to the left and has a pretty easy to understand interface, encouraging you to use pretty much all the new ones with its grid of faces, symbols, and hands.

This is just the latest of new things that WhatsApp has been bringing to users. The group chat limit has now been expanded to 256 people. There are no more subscription fees for those who were being charged before. And of course they celebrated the fact that they now have 1 billion active users, which is no mean feat of course, given how many messaging apps there are in the market.

If you can’t wait for the update to roll out to your account through the Google Play Store, you can also download the APK and install it manually.

VIA: SlashGear