If you thought the 100 user limit in WhatsApp’s group chat was not enough for one reason or another, we have some good news for you. It looks like there has been a server-side update to the messaging app and they are now allowing users to add as many as 256 users to a single group chat, although just imagining how that chat with that many participants will happen is giving us a headache.

Version 2.12.367 of WhatsApp for Android wasn’t officially announced, but if you have updated yours to that version, you’ll see that you can add as many as 256 people in a group chat. When you go to the chat section of the app, you’ll receive a prompt that lets you know about this slight change to the participants limit. Creating a group chat is still the same, except that you will be able to go beyond the previous limit. This can lead to more interesting and maybe even better discussions about a specific topic that created the chat.


This can also be used by brands who want to have focus groups, virtual get-togethers, surveys, and other situations where having the ability to talk and converse with 256 people at the same time is needed. This new update comes just a few days after WhatsApp announced that they have reached 1 billion users and that the next phase would be to give businesses and consumers the chance to converse better.

The upgraded group limit is only available for Android and iOS devices for now, but it will probably expand to the other platforms soon. You can check if the update has rolled out to you by going to the Google Play Store page of the app.