When you reach a milestone that goes beyond one million in terms of numbers, that is already an achievement, especially for apps or services, given that there are millions of them out there. But to reach one billion, then that is something really worth celebrating. WhatsApp, one of the more popular messaging apps out there, has just announced that there are now one billion people who are using their service to communicate with their loved ones and businesses as well.

It’s been nearly two years since Facebook acquired the messaging app and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that WhatsApp’s growth more than doubled since they became part of the social media giant. And since February 2014 when the acquisition was finalized, they have added a lot of new things to the app, including voice calling and removing the subscription fee so that it’s completely free.

More than just talking to your friends or family members, WhatsApp says that its users also use the service to share information during natural disasters or health emergencies, buy products (even an engagement ring!), grow a small business, and even meet people. Their original mission, which is to connect people wherever they may be, “without costs or gimmicks standing in the way.”

Zuckerberg says that their next focus would be to make it easier for businesses and people to connect. This may mean more targeted advertising for businesses discovering that messaging apps are the best way to communicate with their customers and for users, using WhatsApp for customer service. Whatever those next steps may be, congratulations WhatsApp for this momentous achievement.

SOURCES: WhatsApp, Facebook