To the Moon” is a popular story-based RPG that was discovered by most gamers on the PC platform, and an announcement was made in August 2016 that ports to mobile (Android and iOS) were being developed. Now that day has arrived, at least for Android gamers – the beloved game is finally available via the Play Store.

To the Moon is a story-based RPG, and people loved it not because of the graphics or the action, but the story resonated with them. The game follows the story of two doctors who travel through the memories of terminally ill patients in order to fulfill the patient’s dying wish. This is by way of implanting the experience of said wish into their brains. In this particular instance the patient Johnny’s last wish is to go to the moon, and the doctors need travel back through Johnny’s memories to discover the reasons why this is what he wanted to do.

The game’s concept is pretty well thought out, and To the Moon becomes quite an emotional journey for players. The graphics of the game mimic the early forms of popular Square Enix RPGs like Final Fantasy, so it’s all 16-bit. But the game has been reworked by the developers in Unity Engine, so the graphics will be a little better on your phone.

The game is premium, and you will have to shell out USD$5.00 to get it. If you’re a fan of RPGs in general – not just the hack-and-slash kind – then this will be a breath of fresh air for you, not having to grind levels and think of what gear you want. To the Moon is great story-telling, and you’ll enjoy it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store