Top 5 Android games of September 2015

Truth be told, the number of games that make it every month to the Google Play Store is enormous, so we’re not even thinking of going there. Instead, we rounded up the top 5 games that launched in September that we thought you – as a self-respecting Android gamer – should take note of. While we do hope you’ve taken note of these already, we understand if some of them flew under the radar. But that’s our job, we help you out – so here we go.

Pandarrific RPG Taichi Panda gets an Overlord update

The Kung Fu Panda game...errr, I mean 'Taichi Panda' has just been updated by Snail Games after being released half a year ago. It's been a fun action adventure RPG and the developer is proud to say that game was downloaded more than 50 million times already. That's one amazing feat and we wonder how many percent of gamers downloaded it, thinking they were about to play with the Dragon Warrior Po.

Defend your dungeon from invaders and attacks in Dungeon Boss

Here's another role-playing game (RPG) that will make you playing for hours--Dungeon Boss. This title involves a team of heroes that are called to fight and go through those dungeons that are heavily-armed and filled with enemies. As a powerhouse hero, you need to go against those numerous enemy bosses and take them down at every turn and level. You can even collect and gather more heroes like you to help with the fight or use them to beat the invaders in combat.

Arcane Quest Adventures is a tabletop RPG brought to life

If you enjoyed the kind of tabletop RPG that Arcane Quest and Arcane Quest 2 brought, then you will probably enjoy this spin-off called “Arcane Quest Adventures”. Truth be told, we don’t know what kind of new gameplay it will be bringing, but if it’s as enjoyable as the first two, then we’ll take it.

Angel Sword, an RPG from 8-bit to 3D, but is it any better?

DVide Arts came out with “Angel Sword” in 2011 in a purely iOS release, but it wasn’t in this new format yet. What it was, was an 8-bit Zelda type RPG that was never warmly received in the platform. There were a lot of problems in the game design and gameplay that the game never really took off. Now DVide is almost re-releasing the game as a full 3D multiplayer RPG. The question is, will it work?

Witness the disturbance unfold, fight a horde of foes in ‘Asdivine Dios’

I'm sure playing 'Asdivine Dios' will remind you of the early 2000's when you're glued to your computer screen playing an RPG title you're so addicted to. In this day and age, be glad that you don't need a big screen or powerful desktop to enjoy your favorite games because every title you can imagine, even the classic ones, can now be played on your phone or tablet. Here's a not so new role playing game for you: Asdivine Dios. It's a sequel to a previous game about some divine encounters--Asdivine Hearts.

KingsRoad, a Diablo-like multiplayer RPG to waste your time on

There are some games that are perfect for the mobile platform, and some games that struggle on it. Games that succeed on mobile tend to be the ones that are natural, and require very little thinking on your part. Rumble Entertainment’s “KingsRoad” certainly requires very little thinking on your end, even if it is advertised as an RPG. Maybe you want some mindless hack ‘n slash action, and if so, this game is for you.

Collect characters and conquer the other side in “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes”

Fans of Star Wars cannot wait for the new movie yet to be released in December. That's less than four months of waiting but while anticipating for that one, you may want to add this new game from EA Mobile to the list of cool things to look forward to. Sorry but this announcement may frustrate you further but remember that good things come to those who wait. This and the movie? Just wait patiently and I guarantee that you'll have a rocking Christmas.

Join clans and fight the mightly Immortals in Clicker Heroes

The weekend is upon us which means more hours to play new games and get addicted to. Fans of role-playing games (RPGs) may want to add this 'Clicker Heroes' to your queue. If you think this one is somewhat familiar, it's the same PC-web game that also became popular on Steam. Now, Clicker Heroes is ready to excite the whole Android community. Game is easy to play yet very addictive as there are tons of heroes and upgrades to unlock and discover.
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