Dragon Quest VI arrives, one step closer to completion

Square Enix has finally brought one more Dragon Quest game to Android. This time, it's Dragon Quest VI's turn to make it mobile debut. With this release, Square Enix is one step closer to finally closing the chapter on bringing its well-loved JRPG franchises to mobile. With Final Fantasy I to VI done and Dragon Quest VII all that's left of the DQ series, perhaps Square Enix can finally spend some of its resources on the next round of games, like, maybe, Final Fantasy VII.

Two new upcoming games from EA, plus Torchlight for Android!

We’ve lined some upcoming games for you – two from EA and one hack-and-slash title that you should totally be excited for on Android. EA is coming up with “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” and “Minions Paradise”. The other title is Torchlight, that breakthrough RPG that brought hack-and-slash gaming to casual gamers.

Elemental Wings takes flight to mix RPG, CCG, and shooters

If you're tired of the usual role-playing or card collecting games on Google Play Store, then Joycity's latest release might be worth a shot. Elemental Wings combines several genres into a single anime-styled game that might just have enough elements to keep it interesting. You have the character building of RPGs, the deck building of CCGs, the fast-paced action of a shooter, and the rare vertical scrolling of a flying game. All of that rolled into one free game, with IAP options sprinkled everywhere, of course.

Million Arthur is a card-based RPG by Square Enix and Gamevil

Square Enix is pushing out into new territories, coming with a card battle RPG called “Million Arthur”. The game has previously been released in South Korea, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, but today – through Gamevil as partner – the game is being released globally. Gamevil is starting with 15 territories today, and will later include North America, Europe and other markets.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions optimized for mobile, now available

Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy Tactics” was one of the iconic games that served as the foundation for the Japanese outfit’s rise to gaming legend. The RPG was launched for the Sony PlayStation in 1997, and was updated and re-released for the PlayStation Portable in 2007 as “Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions”. Now Android gamers can enjoy on of the most loved RPGs coming from Square Enix, as the game has now been optimized for mobile and is now available via the Google Play Store.

Beat the rival civilization in Sproggiwood

Sproggiwood is a new role-playing game that is packed with a colorful story. It's a turn-based game set where players are required to grow civilization and plunder dungeons with six unique classes. This one is set in a funny world based on Finnish mythology. As the hero, you are called to show those monsters you are smarter. Be careful though because they are very mischievous in working together just to finish any rival.

Square Enix puts out Chaos Rings III, continues mobile RPG series

Square Enix has been known to put out great RPG video games, so it bears mentioning that they are continuing to put out a game series that they are actually good at (of course, while exploring other gaming aspects as well, because they have money to do that). The Chaos Rings series for mobile is one such series for Square Enix, a highly popular RPG – it makes sense that they return to it via “Chaos Rings III”, a new game which is now out for Android.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 now out on Android

If you’re familiar with the series, the premise of Knights of Pen & Paper games is this – you role-play in a game on your smartphone where you play a character who is a role-player. Yes, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 has that Inception “game within a game” vibe – only that this makes fun (in very good ways) of nerd culture and fantasy games in general. Think of the humor of the parody RPG “Doom and Destiny”, in a tabletop game.

From cowardice to bravery, help Brave John beat the demonic forces

Don't say Brave John is just another RPG. It's a game where you can witness how John the Coward learns courage and bravery as he ventures into a new epic adventure where he is called to defeat the Demonic Legion that once opened the heart of the Demon King. The world used to be in peace but an evil, unknown monster fought the Demon King. Now it's time for John to forget about being a coward and finish all the challenges in this story drive action role playing game.

SwapQuest offers an exciting but old school RPG experience

An old school RPG is what I want complete with pixelized art and graphics plus some enchanting background music. It's all I need to break away from daily boredom and stress. This SwapQuest is a role-playing game that perhaps can make me sit down for a while, focus, and just enjoy the wonders of mobile gaming. Game is a combination of role-playing game and puzzle mechanics that requires the player to defend the Kingdom of Aventana from the Horde--a demon cloud that's scary and destructive.
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