Join clans and fight the mightly Immortals in Clicker Heroes

The weekend is upon us which means more hours to play new games and get addicted to. Fans of role-playing games (RPGs) may want to add this 'Clicker Heroes' to your queue. If you think this one is somewhat familiar, it's the same PC-web game that also became popular on Steam. Now, Clicker Heroes is ready to excite the whole Android community. Game is easy to play yet very addictive as there are tons of heroes and upgrades to unlock and discover.

Defend the empire, unleash a new age of alchemy in “Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy”

The name Blood Gate alone will definitely give you goosebumps. It's a place where heroes like you are needed. There's darkness, gore, magic---madness all over in this legendary town where heroes can be legends. But first, witness the plague of alchemic destruction so you'll understand why you need to open the Blood Gate and start getting rid Black Dahlia's entire empire.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 is a heist movie set in space

Ok, we’re positively tired now of saying that “this episode is the best one yet” for Telltale Game’s “Tales from the Borderlands” – this game just keeps giving us something new or something hilarious, or both, each episode which makes you fall in love with the series all over again. Episode 4 is called “Escape Plan Bravo”, and it’s available for download via IAP if you’ve already installed the game app.

Gamevil drops massive update for Dungeon Link

Dungeon Link was released by developers Gamevil earlier this year as a kind of crossover/mashup of genres -- if you were wondering what a puzzle game and an RPG would look like together, this game is it. It combines the story and quest-based elements of RPG with puzzle games that stand in your path to leveling up and moving forward in the storyline. And today, we're getting a massive update to the game which opens up more possibilities for players.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper gets massive update

If you're the nostalgic type, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper might appeal to you, or maybe you've actually started playing it. The game allows players to re-live great moments in the Final Fantasy franchise. It's cute little game by developers Square Enix and DeNA that has actually gathered a bit of momentum, and now a big update is coming that will make the game better.

Dragon Heroes brings RPG plus shooting action in one epic adventure

There are dozens to hundreds and probably thousands of RPG titles ready for Android that we don't know yet. It can be hard to play and review each and every role-playing game out there but Dragon Heroes is one title you ought to try especially if you're into both RPG and shooting action games. Why, this one brings together intense shooting adventure and RPG in one. It's one adventure that you sure don't what to miss.

Kemco releases ‘Tears Revolude’ RPG, interesting new gameplay, plot

From time to time, you do get the odd let’s-try-something-new game from Japanese game developers Kemco – and this new RPG called “Tears Revolude” will certainly fall under that category. We don’t get knights and dragons and fighters and wizards at the onset, we get a guy trying to find lost art. While that may not be to strange or even too common, it sure piques our interest as to what the game has in store for this “lost art” guy.

Flip tokens to attack and start a battle in Super Awesome Quest

Super Awesome Quest is another RPG that stars three heroes on an adventure of a lifetime. All three are trying to earn back the honor and riches they lost by fighting bounty hunters, the undead, dragons, and an evil army. They're super awesome but they still have to prove that they can finish the challenges set before them.
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