Kemco offers popular RPG games for less than a dollar each

Kemco is one of those generous mobile game developers who regularly offer their paid games at a more affordable price of $0.99. Just last month, the company put eight games on sale. This February, Kemco is offering another sale--with seven games now available for less than a dollar. This is a good promo for those who've been wanting to buy some of Kemco game titles but are hesitant to spend their hard-earned money.

Tap Heroes turn an RPG into a cut-out puppet show

Once in a while you come across an idea or an implementation that is so out of this world that it becomes interesting and even enticing. Tap Heroes, a new game on Android, is probably one of those. By all other accounts, it would be yet another RPG title trying to make a grab for your money. But the game presents things in such a strange way that you almost feel like tapping your way into the fantasy world and eventually buying the game as well.

Tactics: Conqueror’s War is a card-based strategy game

Card-based mobile games have grown in popularity these days, so much so that even a top gaming outfit like Blizzard has made its own. There are a lot of card-based Android games out there, but the ones that are compelling are fewer. Maybe this new game – Tactics: Conqueror’s War – will catch your fancy.

Play a tabletop RPG digitally with Paper Dungeons

Translating board games into digital versions can be tricky at times, with the challenge to make it more interactive and exciting than in the physical world. Creating a game from scratch, with a tabletop RPG format and no existing user base to spur it along may be even more difficult. Paper Dungeons is a dungeon crawler with customizable features and a boardgame sensibility and is now out for Andoid devices.

Merchants of Kaidan, an RPG that focuses on your trading skills

Well, here’s a new thang – that a game will focus not on action but on your wits and street savvy. That’s what the new game “Merchants of Kaidan” will bring to your Android gaming experience. There’s not much visuals, but it might just offer something new for those who want to think through their games.

Soul Seeker: This RPG will blow your mind, extreme challenge for the hero in you

There are hundreds probably thousands of RPGs (role-playing game) out there but only a few will blow your mind.  Soul Seeker is one of our few favorites because of the thrilling  and non-stop battles. If you've been playing this game, you can continue enjoying the the unique battle system by assembling the most powerful team os super heroes with a special support system.

Become part of virtual mythology in Immortal Odyssey

Mythology has been a huge part of the development of a lot of different kinds of games (actual and virtual) with its huge cast of gods, heroes, demons, villains, and other creatures that make the adventure even more interesting. A new game on Android draws on Chinese mythology to create the fantastical world of Immortal Odyssey, a turn-based RPG that has one goal, and that is to win the battle to achieve immortal life.

Kemco’s Valkyria Soul is a Norse mythic monster capture game

Collect monsters, train them, or fuse them together through the act of "soulbinding". This, in essence, is what gamers can do in the new game from Kemco called Valkyria Soul. If it sounds like it might be a little like Pokemon, the funny thing is that because it actually is a little similar in concept to the Japanese franchise. Read on if you fancy a Norse mythic game with Pokemon gaming elements.

Evoland takes you through the evolution of Action RPGs

RPG fans on Android will probably be delighted to know that the rather intriguing PC game Evoland has now landed on Android shores. Though it comes with a slightly higher price tag than most Android games, it might very well be worth grabbing it, especially if you're a gamer with a penchant for history or go way, way back. That's because Evoland also takes you way way back in time as well, starting off with the simplistic graphics of ye ol' 2D games of yore.

Gameloft brings Dungeon Hunter 5, pre-register now for rewards

Top-rated developer Gameloft has announced the fifth installment of the Dungeon Hunter series is currently in the works, but this early, followers of the game, as well as new users, can pre-register at the game’s micro-site (see source link below) to qualify for in-game rewards that can come in handy once the game launches officially.
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