We’ve been waiting for Waze to finally have a proper Android Auto rendition for a while now, and it looks like that time is nigh. An anonymous beta tester has leaked an email sent by Waze saying that the beta test period is drawing near, and that beta testers should get ready.

The contents of the email say that the beta testing will be made through the Google Play Store beta testing system, and the app will be available to testers who have opted in. Feedback will be collected via Centercode, and the email has asked testers to update their Centercode profiles, and lists which Android Auto device they will be testing.

According to the email, users will need to use devices powered by Android Lollipop or better, and make sure that they will be using a hardwired connection via USB. The email also says that the Waze app beta for Android Auto will be intentionally devoid some features users have become familiar with on Waze, this to optimize the app for car dashboards.

Here is the official content of the email:

Beta testing for Waze on Android Auto (AA) is getting closer!! 🙂 Please read everything below if you’re interested in testing.

Make sure to complete the following steps:

1. Make sure to update your Centercode profile with the details of your AA device via this link (ensure that you have an Android Auto compatible car; note: this isn’t the same as an in-car Android device).
2. If AA is available in your country and you haven’t already registered for testing, fill out this registration form carefully and make sure to submit the (Gmail) email address you use with your device.
3. Ensure that you have an Android phone with OS L+ (M/N preferred).

Please note:

– This integration has been optimized to work with the car dashboard and as such, many Waze features are intentionally excluded.
– All beta versions will be accessible via the Play Store Beta Channel, and feedback will be collected via Centercode – more details in the upcoming weeks.
– You cannot use Waze on AA without connecting your mobile phone to your AA enabled car with a USB cable.
– We know you’re all excited and we can’t wait to read your feedback. We also received several complaints regarding spam messages in the forum threads – so please note that irrelevant comments will be deleted..

VIA: 9to5Google