Waze launches RideWith service in Israel for commuters

Google-owned Waze has been helping millions of drivers and commuters around the world. The app is very helpful as it provides traffic information and AMBER alerts whenever and wherever you need it. The team behind the app has just introduced a new service for those in Israeli, specifically those who commute in Gush Dan-- RideWith. It's a carpool pilot that is powered by Waze that allows riders to connect and share rides together.

Make the Terminator give you directions in new special Waze feature

One of the best things about Waze, aside from helping you navigate through traffic and round blockage, is the fact that you can also be entertained by the voice options that are available on the app. To celebrate the imminent release of the new Terminator Genisys movie, starring a whole new cast except for a certain former California governor, you can now use Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself as your voice navigation to get you psyched for when the movie comes out this July 1.

Waze’s Unusual Traffic informs you of traffic problems in your area

If you live in an area where high vehicular traffic during rush hour is a common occurrence, then you already know to adjust your leaving time to it. But what of those unexpected moments when there's a huge pile up on the highway or when a road construction is causing unusual traffic in your area? While the Waze app does a good job of sometimes letting you know of things like that, they thought of another more organized way to do it: Waze Unusual Traffic.

Waze update: smoother navigation, progress bar, guided navigation

Despite the recent "controversies" it has gotten into, specifically with law enforcement who were not too pleased by the police feature in the app, Waze is still one of the more popular navigation apps out there, particularly for those driving through unfamiliar cities and towns and those trying to get out of regular or accidental traffic jams. The crowd-sourced app now has an update, with new features to make your drive and navigation even easier.

Waze could be pre-installed on Android smartphones

Waze could be pre-installed on your next Android smartphone. Right out of the box, you might see the GPS maps & traffic social app as Google is adding Waze as a pre-installed software option on Android phones. This means carriers and OEM partners can choose to have the service available by default. So when consumers turn on their phones for the first time, the Waze app is already there and ready for immediate use.

Cops take matters into their own hands with Waze fake police reports

You don't listen to our complaints and requests to take down that feature? Fine, we'll do it our own way. At least, that's what we think what the cops are saying to Google and Waze since they were basically ignored. We reported a few weeks ago about the issues cops are having with the police feature in the navigation app, and this time, they are taking matters into their own hands, so to speak.

Sheriffs ask Google to take down police feature on Waze

More and more people are relying on traffic reporting app Waze to navigate their way around the city because of its real-time and crowd-sourcing nature. People update it regularly to report on traffic jams, car-congested areas so that drivers (and even commuters) know which roads to avoid. But another feature of the Google-powered app is causing unease among the law enforcement community as some officers believe this can be used to "stalk" their police officers.

Waze update brings Places, Parking Pins

If you haven't had your fill yet of location-based services that will help you navigate your way through unfamiliar places, then if you haven't been using Waze yet, the newest update might just convince you to get the app. Version 3.9 introduces a whole slew of new features, with the greatest of them being the addition of Places, which will create a crowd-sourced wealth of information regarding both businesses and residential areas.

Waze update adds contacts from phone, send location

Waze, the traffic monitoring app that was recently bought by Google, has added several features in their Version 3.8 update to make it even more helpful and social for its users. Connecting with friends and using the app together as a group seem to be the primary focus of the new features added to the app in both its Android and iOS incarnations.
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