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Uber opens Beta testing program for Android

Joining the growing number of app developers turning to their own users for a bit of assistance, Uber has formally announced the start of its beta testing program for its Android app. Willing test subjects and trailblazers are invited to try out test versions of this "personal chauffeur" app to help make it better for everyone.

Minuum Keyboard ready for beta testing – aims to change how we type

QWERTY has been around, and basked in relative comfort, since 1873, when Remington first trademarked it for use on their typewriters. We're pretty sure no one has really had a problem with it, even in touchscreen form... no one that is, except for Minuum. Their goal? They're aiming to "re-revolutionize" the way we type.

Motorola VP details “Test Drive” allowing users early access to software updates

Motorola's on a roll this afternoon. Earlier they announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was rolling out to the DROID RAZR M, and today they've confirmed their plans to refine and speed up the software update process, and make fewer and bigger bets on awesome hardware. Then they mentioned a new program called "Test Drive" which will allow customers early access to major software updates.

Rdio launches new beta app for Android

Rdio, one of the more popular competitors to Spotify and Microsoft's new Xbox Music, has just launched a new beta version of its Android application. This new app is not available on Google Play yet, so if you are interested in being a beta tester, you will have to join Rdio's Google Group and download the application for yourself. Rdio has not announced when the final version of its new app will hit Google Play with a final version.

HTC Thunderbolt “test builds” of ICS could be coming next week

Well folks, we have some tasty good news for those that still might be rocking the original 4G LTE-powered HTC Thunderbolt. It looks like HTC is about to start taking the same update approach as Motorola and a few others, and will be supplying "test" or beta builds to select few lucky customers of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense UI 4.0 like we saw at MWC. More details after the break regarding this possibly real news.
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