Waze is one of the more popular GPS, maps, and traffic apps available on Android today. It has received numerous updates through the years since it was launched three years ago and especially since Google acquired it in an effort to help us outsmart traffic. Some important changes include real-time incident reports, focused search, location recognition in Calendar events, Places and Parking Pins, and Difficult Intersections.

To make things even better, Google has incorporated INRIX into the app. The former adds parking lot information to real time traffic data to allow drivers know where to go and where to park ahead of time. Since Waze is powered by drivers, this means data will depend on what Wazers report.

We’ve featured INRIX Traffic as a standalone app a few months ago. We said it can learn your routine to give you personalized routes whenever necessary. It offers smart drivers services and this integration with Waze is expected to improve mobility.

Waze tested the idea by first releasing a ‘where to park’ feature. Open parking lots are listed so drivers won’t have a hard time looking for one. The idea is to reduce time in driving to a destination and actually searching for a parking lot. We don’t think information on open parking slots are included but maybe in the near future.

With this Waze-INRIX integration, Wazers can now achieve a more efficient “end-to-end driving experience” as described by INRIX VP and General Manager Alex Israel.



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