Google is bringing more functionality to Waze. Via an update, the app will now recognize calendar events, and add them to your navigation list. New permissions are required, so you’ll have to allow the new feature, but it could become quite useful.

By automatically recognizing calendar appointments with locations attached, Waze will add them to your navigation list. Once in the list, it only takes one touch to get you where you’re going. If you’ve got events stacked up, Waze will only show two at a time, so as not to bombard you with places you need to be.

If you’d rather not use the feature, it can be disabled via the app settings. Naturally, we find this more useful than not, and it brings a unique context to your scheduling. Waze already provides traffic info upfront, so making sure you’re on time is pretty easy if you use all the features Waze has.

Between the new calendar sync and Waze’s automatic re-routing when traffic scenarios change, we’re finding many more reasons to use the app when out and about. For those who use a calendar to schedule life on-the-go, Waze’s new functionality is likely a dream come true. Waze didn’t note any specific calendars it works with or without, though we suspect many are using Google Calendar as a back-end solution anyway.