Waze has long been a very useful tool for driving. The app which was recently integrated with INRIX parking data and launched with the Global Event Partner Program for organizers is getting another partner. The company has tapped Bluvision to be its hardware partner in providing solutions to every driver. Smartphones and auto dashboards may be just as helpful but having a stand-alone Waze-powered device is said to be more efficient especially when you’re passing through a tunnel.

You see, once you enter a tunnel, satellite navigation is usually paused because of limited reach. That’s a common problem but Google wants to solve that with the Waze Beacons.

Manufactured by Bluvision, these Waze Beacons allow seamless travel and driving experience everywhere. Even when you’re inside the tunnel, you can still check Waze. The beacons aren’t meant to be installed on your car’s dashboard though. It’s for the tunnel walls for mobile devices to be connected to over Bluetooth. It takes advantage of Eddystone too, Google’s very own open beacon format.

This product aims to bring “more accurate arrival times” because drivers can be tracked while inside the tunnel. There’s no more downtime now in your use of Waze so traffic updates are more accurate and reliable.

This idea is ready for the Waze Connected Citizens Program, private groups, road organisations, tollway operators, and municipalities. At present, Waze has partnered with four different groups like PennDOT, Sanef, Rio de Janeiro COR with CET-Rio, and Carmelton.

SOURCE: Bluvision, Waze



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