One of the biggest pains of both event organizers and attendees for major large-crowd activities like marathons and concerts and the likes is that traffic will definitely be crazy and parking and drop off will be an annoying maze. Events are something that popular navigation app Waze cannot detect unless its users add it to their tips or unless they were specifically asked to sponsor/partner with an event. But now they are launching a Global Event Partner Program that will make it easier for organizers to partner with Waze.

They actually kicked off the program with 20 inaugural partners including E15 with its professional sports team partners (Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redksins, Detroit Lions, Washington Nationals, Atlanta Hawks) and the Rock N’ Roll Marathon Series and their 30 global events (New York, Montreal, Mexico City, Madrid). The program will see Waze provide their partners custom access to the traffic management technology and communication channels. In return, partners will give Waze advanced and real-time information as to which roads will be closed and then during the event itself, what the traffic information is.

Having something like this will not only benefit the organizers in terms of optimizing the traffic flow so their attendees and fans can get to the venue faster, it will also of course lessen the stress on those traveling to the stadium or concert hall or wherever the event is being held. Even those who won’t be attending, the regular Waze users, will also be helped since you’ll know which roads to avoid and which ones are closed.

If you want to see events that will be coming up near your area, you can visit You can also see a link there to a Google Form so you can tell them about any major traffic event that will happen in specific areas. To those who want to be part of the Global Event Partner Program, you can visit the link here.