We know you’ve all been waiting for this. Zack Nelson has finally managed to destroy a Samsung Galaxy S9. Well, that’s not exactly true because the S9 is practically indestructible. It’s always fun to watch a premium phone being scratched, burned, and bent. We don’t think we’ll ever tire of watching JerryRigEverything, save for that scritchy sound you hear when a metal side is being scratched. It’s no different with this durability test because of all the real metal material evident all over the sides of the smartphone.

As with most premium smartphones today, the Samsung Galaxy S9’s screen scratches at level 6 and with a deeper groove at 7. The phone looks and feels really solid. You know Samsung has really put a premium on this device.

The earpiece is made of metal which is better than cloth ones. There may be metal shavings but then those can easily be removed with a magnet. The camera is once again placed underneath the glass. There are virtual buttons on the bottom of the screen while the Bixby button is on the side.

Scratching the edges reveal that they are pure metal. It’s different at the back because of the full glass panel which can’t be easily scratched. The rear camera (dual rear on the S9+) is covered by a glass so it doesn’t scratch as well. Underneath, you will see the telephoto lens that people are describing as revolutionary. We agree that this phone’s camera has been “reimagined” and why it now holds the top rank on DxOMark.

The burn test shows nothing much will change. There’s some residue on the screen that goes eventually so you don’t have to worry. As for the nerve-wracking bend test, the Samsung Galaxy S9 doesn’t disappoint. You can see the phone flexes only temporarily. There is no glass separation at all and the unit is still completely sealed.

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything