We do not know the exact date of launch and roll out but we feel it’s near. Samsung is already prepping for the Galaxy S9 announcement and we’re anticipating how the S9 duo will be similar to and different from the S8 and S8+. At next week’s CES in Las Vegas, we hope to see a glimpse or at least a teaser.

Samsung has recently filed for a trademark that we can connect to the upcoming Galaxy S9. The words “The camera. Reimagined.” is Samsung’s slogan which we are assuming is for the S9. We’ve been saying the phone’s camera system will be unique in the sense there will be a dual cam setup but only for the Plus variant. The standard S9 will have a single rear camera as per several leaks.

The South Korean tech giant is already known for its awesome phone camera technology but it will be even better as it’s been “reimagined”. No doubt the cameras will be improved. The S8 cams are good enough so we’re expecting the S9 imaging tech will be over the top. The trademark for the slogan was filed before Christmas. There’s no confirmation if it was actually approved but we’re more curious to know about the camera now.

A variant of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be powered by the Exynos 9810 processor. It will bring a number of improvements and new capabilities like a dual camera system but for the S9+ only.

VIA: Galaxy Club