With the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 today, albeit exclusively at the Union Square Best Buy in NYC, Vodafone UK announced it would be switching to the new thinner model as well. Well it appears Vodafone is planning on selling a version that’s also clocked a bit higher than the ones given out at Google IO. We’ve yet to see or hear anything to confirm this, but it’s repeated several times on Vodafone’s site.

The original, thicker, Galaxy Tab 10.1 sold by Vodafone as well as the limited edition of the new version given out at Google IO both featured 1 GHz Tegra 2 processors, and if you ask Samsung’s official page, so do the retail versions of the slimmed down Tab 10.1. Vodafone UK’s website lists, both in the overview and features sections, that they will be selling a tablet containing a 1.2 GHz processor of unknown manufacturer.

Reports have said the version being sold today at the NYC Best Buy also have Tegra 2s, but this wouldn’t be the first time Samsung included a last minute spec bump, as they did with the Galaxy S II. Whether this was a mistake or the Vodafone version will be packing a different processor such as Samsung’s Exynos is yet to be seen. We’ll reach out to Vodafone and see what they have to say on the matter and let you know!

[via Vodafone]