Verizon Wireless launched a same-day delivery program back in mid-October. And while we have since seen that program expand to some additional markets, it had remained available as a pilot program. Well, flashing forward till the present day and it appears Verizon Wireless has removed the pilot/beta labeling.

While that seems to imply some level of success, the unfortunate part is this is still being offered in a limited few markets. At present Verizon is offering same day delivery in Philadelphia and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; New York City; Dallas, Texas and San Francisco, California. Similar to the program being in the same markets, the features, rules and requirements remain the same.

That is to say those looking for same-day delivery will need to complete their order online and before 10:00 AM local time. The delivery fee is $19.99 and for now the delivery has to include a device, whether it be a smartphone or tablet. You can add accessories in with the device purchase, however accessory only orders are not eligible for same-day delivery.

As well, pre-paid devices are not eligible. Further details of the program show it being available Monday through Friday and with the deliveries being made by courier and arriving before 7 PM local time. While Verizon has yet to say when, or if this would be rolling out for other markets, given we have already seen some expansion (and the removal of the pilot label), it seems other large cities could be next in line.

VIA: phoneArena

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless