Verizon Wireless has unveiled a same-day delivery service. This new service is launching in pilot mode and for just one market — Philadelphia. That being said, it does appear as if Verizon already has plans to expand the reach to other big cities. For now though, Big Red has offered some details on how the program works and what it will cost.

Not to mention, it would also appear they are taking advantage of the timing by making it clear they are the first wireless provider to offer same-day delivery. While the obvious joke can be made about actually needing same-day delivery for a phone, we can see some value — especially for times when you are replacing a lost, stolen or damaged device. More to that point, one that would be needed for work or something equally important.

This delivery option will cost $19.99, which is not all that much more than the currently available $14.99 for overnight delivery. Other points here include how the order must be placed online by 10am. And the same-day delivery is only available during the standard work week; Monday through Friday. In addition, and this is slightly more obvious, but the item you are ordering will have to be in-stock for this shipping option to be available.

Verizon has said customers will be able to order a device using same-day, and that device can be ordered with or without accessories. The delivery will be made by courier service with arrival sometime before 7pm. Otherwise, while it may be a bit early to start looking towards additional markets, Verizon did mention they are looking to bring this to New York City, Dallas, San Francisco and Pittsburg in the “near future.”

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless