Today,Verizon announces their same-day shipping program has rolled out to four more cities. If you live in a major metropolitan area, and are a Verizon customer, you may be able to get your hands on devices a few hours after you order them.

Philadelphia was Verizon’s choice for the pilot program, which brought same-day delivery to those customers who ordered devices via their website. Now, that program will be available in four more cities — New York, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. Delivered from an area store, orders placed prior to 10:00AM will be delivered before 7:00PM that very day.

Shipping — or delivery fee, maybe — for the device orders will be a flat $19.99. If you need a device the same day, and can’t get to a store, this is probably the best option for Verizon customers. It’s also good for those in a time crunch who may not have the time to spend in-store, waiting and going through the process.

If you place an order after the 10:00AM cutoff time, you can still pick the item up in-store, or have it delivered the next day. Verizon didn’t note a minimum order amount, only that it applied to devices.