Expect Verizon Wireless to come up with some of the best mobile plans today. You see, the company is being so aggressive these days perhaps as a response to T-Mobile’s #NeverSettle campaign which already ended but definitely had an effect on Verizon sales. Well, the Edge deal is already enough to attract more subscribers but the Big Red wants to offer more (or less) with its newest price plans–Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

The new price plans will commence this coming August 13. These four sizes are expected to match every customer’s wireless service needs. Not everyone needs a lot of data so it’s good that we people choose the amount of shareable data they can use.

The Small plan costs $30 per month for 1GB worth of shareable data. Medium is $45 for 3GB, Large is $60/month for 6GB, and the X-Large plan is $80 for 12GB of shareable data. Each plan comes with unlimited talk and text. Should you need more data, it’s gonna cost you $15 per gigabyte. Data are shareable which means you can share them up to ten devices.

These new plans are easier to remember and avail. They are actually “simplified data choices” that match customer lifestyles. According to Verizon’s vice-president of consumer pricing Rob Miller, “A plan with small, medium, large and x-large choices makes sense for the way people actually use their wireless service.” It’s actually true since not a lot of people “want to have to do a lot of math to figure out their best options”.

Verizon is also making monthly line-access charges less complicated. With the new plans, you can avail of new mobile lines for a fee: smartphone line is $20/month, Jetpack and tablet lines are $10/month, and smartwatch lines are $5/month.

Verizon is continuing its tradition of shared data plans being the first to introduce such deal three years ago. These new options were made as a practical response to the feedback of customers and their actual needs.

SOURCE: Verizon


    • Indeed.
      This is the most blatant advertising disguised as an article that I have seen in quite some time.
      Really had a difficult time deciding whether or not to delete AndroidCommunity from my news feed after reading through it.

      Absolutely shameless.


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