The phrase Never Settle means a lot to fans of OnePlus but the two words are also being used by T-Mobile to target Verizon subscribers in new campaign. The carrier wants people to #NeverSettle for Verizon so it’s extending the trial until June 27.

After targeting AT&T the past year, T-Mobile is becoming more aggressive against Verizon. John Legere outrightly posted on his Twitter account this message:

“We’re extending the #NeverSettle Trial thru 6/27 because, as predicted, @VerizonWireless customers want better. They want @TMobile!”

That’s so brave of Legere to actually tag @VerizonWireless on Twitter I wonder how Verizon will reply. I doubt it will lest the company wants another issue or be mocked furthermore by T-Mobile . The promo is a free 2-week trial on T-Mobile for current Verizon customers. They can turn over their numbers to T-Mobile to avail of the offer. If they decide to keep the new phone, they need to terminate their old Verizon accounts.

If you decide to finally leave Verizon, T-Mobile can even pay for early termination fees up to $650. So generous of T-Mobile? Yes, indeed. So T-Mobile CEO John Legere was really serious. He once said that he would hit back at Verizon and here’s his revenge.

SOURCE: John Legere


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