Verizon Edge

Starting May 31, loyal customers of Verizon Edge can upgrade their plans anytime as long as their device is already paid. This makes it simpler and easier for them to upgrade to a new phone under a good deal. Availing of the Verizon Edge will bring more savings and benefits to subscribers. No need to pay anything toward a new Edge device but you need to pay the amount over 24 months, without any interest.

Verizon Edge customers are given a monthly line access discount on the ‘More Everything‘ plans. Plans with 6GB and higher are given a $25 discount while those under the 4GB plans and lower get $15 off the price.

Verizon’s Marketing and Sales Operations Senior Vice President Nancy Clark exclaimed, “The value of Verizon Edge, including lower monthly line access, is quickly making it the option of choice”. “More than 50 percent of Verizon Wireless customers now choose the simple and flexible Verizon Edge payment program when activating or upgrading smartphones,” she added.

Monthly payments include access to Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Deals include HD Voice and video calling. For example, for only $24.99 per month, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S6 while the LG Lancet is only $5/month. If you’ve already paid for your current device in full, you can upgrade anytime to a new phone.Verizon Edge promo is readily available for postpaid basic phones, smartphones, and tablets. Feel free to donate the phone to Hopeline to help stop domestic violence or trade in device for account credit.

SOURCE: Verizon


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