We have seen plenty in terms of Verizon Wireless 4G LTE coverage in 2012. We have seen reports about the roll-out and the progress that was being made. It was back in early November when they announced that they expected to have the 4G LTE network roll-out completed by the middle of 2013. Anyway, flash forward back to the present day and Verizon has come forward with details on the 2013 4G LTE roadmap.

Kicking things off with the total markets that are covered as of this moment — 473 markets which includes a potential of 273.5 million people. And as we seen with AT&T touting themselves as having the largest 4G network (with LTE and HSPA+ being combined), Verizon is also quick to point out that they have the “largest commercial 4G LTE network in the world.”

Perhaps more important though, the Verizon 4G LTE network currently includes “close to 89 percent” of the US footprint. Verizon is still claiming that the network will be complete by mid-year. In fact, they have some good news for those still rocking a Verizon 3G connection in that “by mid-year 4G LTE will be available in nearly every US market currently served by the company’s 3G data service.”

No specific roll-out announcements this time around, however Verizon did touch on the subject of LTE in Rural America stating that they plan to continue working with rural communication companies to help them build and operate 4G LTE networks in their areas. And similar to the lack of specific 4G LTE roll-out news, Verizon left the LTE in Rural America bit rather generic sounding.

[via Verizon Wireless]


  1. ” close to 89 percent” of U.S. footprint covered with LTE?? Today is 3/5/2013 and looking at their coverage map that number isn’t even close. Less than 50% of Michigan has LTE coverage and I believe there is 1 rural partner and that is Thumb Cellular. No way will they have 100% coverage by middle or the end of 2013. You heard it here!!

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