AT&T has announced the latest expansion to their 4G LTE network. And while they have yet to outpace Verizon, they are making nice progress and currently have more than 130 markets covered across the country. Of course, AT&T blurs the line of 4G here and tout themselves as having the “nation’s largest 4G network.”

More on that in a moment, lets first cover the new 4G LTE markets — of which AT&T has added 10 today. The new markets include Boise, ID; Boulder, CO; Bowling Green, KY; Harrisburg, Hartford, CT; Lancaster, PA; Lexington, KY; New Haven, CT; Ogden-Clearfield, UT and Providence, RI.

Touching back on AT&T having the largest 4G network and there is some truth to that, at least in name. You see, AT&T is including the 4G HSPA+ and the 4G LTE networks. And for those combined, AT&T has coverage for more than 285 million people. Or as the announcement mentions, AT&T has “coverage in 3,000 more 4G cities and towns than Verizon.” For the record, Verizon has 470 LTE markets.

4G aside, AT&T also has a Wi-Fi network available which now has more than 31,000 hotspots. These hotspots are located at restaurants, hotels, bookstores and retailers across the country. Perhaps the key here though, most AT&T smartphone customers are able to get access to the hotspots at no additional cost.

[via SlashGear]


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