Verizon has been on a roll lately regarding their updates and continued improvements to their 4G LTE network, and today we have even more good news. Aside from the odd special announcement of Viva Movil this afternoon, we’re also learning Verizon Wireless will begin deploying a series of small cells throughout the US later this year. What are small cells? Read on for more details on how this will improve your connection.

Verizon recently confirmed that nearly 95% of their 3G network nationwide is now blanketed in 4G LTE. They confirmed the news on Monday while also announcing they’ve nearly reached their 500 markets milestone for 4G LTE in the US. So now that nearly 95% of 3G coverage also has blazing fast 4G LTE coverage, how can they improve? Small cells.

Small cells aim to fill the gap on coverage between 4G LTE markets that don’t overlap as well as some, and also improve and stabilize high-traffic areas. Think of them like a mini cell tower, or essentially a WiFi extender. Big cities and high traffic areas like subways, sports complex, shopping malls and more that all have 4G LTE will be improved thanks to these small cells.

These small cells aren’t very big and will be stationed on streetlight posts, corners of buildings and more. Verizon also states not only will this improve and beef up LTE nationwide, as well as high traffic areas, but it will also boost signals and speeds indoors and hard to reach locations. Think movie theaters, but that doesn’t mean you should answer your phone mid movie. I might throw some Milk Duds at you if you’re that guy.

So whether we are outdoors at a busy shopping mall, indoors or underground, or even catching your favorite college sports team Verizon’s 4G LTE will remain rock solid for all those Facebook status updates, photo uploads, and Instagram shots. Basically Verizon’s LTE is just getting better, faster, stronger, and wider everywhere it already is. Expect this to rollout through the rest of the year and into 2014.

SOURCE: Verizon


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