Today the team over at Verizon Wireless are back sharing more details about their exhaustive and competitive 4G LTE network rollout. Confirming that after a few new markets have launched with LTE today, their numbers have reached an all-time high and they are approaching another milestone. As of today Verizon 4G LTE is available in 497 markets across the US.

Today Verizon launched 4G LTE in another 6 markets. Ranging from Kentucky to Michigan, and even Colorado. With 6 more markets officially enjoying 4G LTE that brings the total number to 497 markets, which is just a few shy of their 500 US market milestone. AT&T and others are working hard and fast, but Verizon is showing zero signs of slowing down anytime soon.

For those wondering, the 6 new locations to see LTE today are: Durango, Colorado; Corbin and Madisonville KY; Adrian and Mount Pleasant, Michigan; and Marietta, Ohio. Then something Verizon hasn’t done in the past, they’ve released the full list of 4G LTE networks. A pretty long chain of regions and locations around the US.

“Network quality and reliability will continue to be the hallmarks of the Verizon brand, and we continue to invest to maintain our leadership position.” – Verizon Wireless

Verizon also confirmed that as of May 16th, their 4G LTE covers nearly 95% of the 3G networks around the US. Over 40% of their smartphones are all running on 4G LTE, and 63% of all internet devices sold from Verizon also are running LTE speeds today. That isn’t all they had to brag about either. Over 54% of all network and data traffic on Verizon is now 4G LTE. The important part there being that they’ve managed to do all of this in just 2 years.

Verizon expects to pass that 500 mark extremely soon (probably next week or so) and will continue to drive forward their 4G LTE rollout. T-Mobile has a lot of catching up to do, that’s for sure.


    • Your comment makes no sense because:
      1. Tricked? Tricked by/with what?
      2. You say you “feel genuinely sorry for those people” but then say it’s “so comical”. You obviously don’t feel sorry for them.
      3. T-Mobile’s LTE is in what, 5 markets? Oh wow. That’ll show Verizon. smh


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