The Verizon Wireless CTIA event has come to an end and while we didn’t see any new devices announced, there was some big news for the Latino community. Jennifer Lopez was invited onstage to introduce Viva Movil, which is described as being a Latino-centric mobile carrier. Lopez took to the stage with talk about the Latino population in the US and about the Viva Movil brand.

Jennifer Lopez, who will be serving as the Chief Creative Officer for the company mentioned how at the present time there is “no specific place for Latinos to really, really be catered to, which is why we did this.” Lopez also stressed that while Viva Movil will be Latino focused, the stores and the service will be open and available for everyone.


In fact, it seems some of the items they shared for the Viva Movil stores would work perfectly for other retail outlets. For example, Lopez talked about the social side of shopping and mentioned that these shops would be a welcoming place for those visiting with friends and family members — including children.

Nonetheless, while this all sounds interesting at this point, there are some details still missing. They have yet to go into detail on the devices and have yet to mention much in the way of plans. The press event did talk about how they would not be offering any unique plans, which seems to imply those familiar with the Verizon setup should feel right at home. One item that was mentioned was accessories, Specifically, accessories that were created by Jennifer Lopez.


Otherwise, the first Viva Movil retail store is expected to open on June 15th. That location will be in New York City and additional stores are in the works. At present there is expected to be 15 stores across the US and possible locations include Miami and Los Angeles. With that, while it will be a few weeks before the retail stores will be opening, the online presence will be kicking off today.