Do people seriously still use the original Razr? Seriously? Apparently they do because Verizon and Motorola have tracked down a few loyal (or outdated) Motorola Razr owners and are showing them what’s up in 2011 with the brand new Motorola DROID RAZR, available today. The phone is beautiful and thin and whoaaa it has a camera on the front too. The video by Verizon is truly pretty epic and we figured you’d all love the laugh this Friday afternoon.

Why go to CES and try to snatch a phone and run when you can just be walking around the street with an old and outdated “flip phone” then get a surprise from Verizon, a brand new DROID RAZR completely for free. That is what appears to be happening here. Verizon has just posted this awesome video to their YouTube channel so here it is in all it’s glory.

With fast and sleek cars, just like the phone, Verizon is driving around and finding users of the original Razr as shown above and I must admit — this is pretty cool. If you look close the driver is the same dude from the Verizon Batman style “payload” commercial we covered yesterday. Driving around showing all these loyal users just how awesome the new phone is.

The best part is as the end they let them keep the phone in their hand. Yes a shiny new DROID RAZR for free. What would be awesome is if one person opted to keep the original, that would be epic. Before you go check out our full review of the DROID RAZR, then have a look at its insides in this teardown video.

[device id=1739]

[via Verizon Wireless]



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