Have you been wondering how Motorola crammed so much high-end hardware into the DROID RAZR‘s slim frame, especially considering its beefy battery and LTE radio? Well so have the folks at iFixIt, only they have the expertise to tear apart that Kevlar case without destroying the goodies within. They’ve done their customary teardown, albeit with some non-standard tools – I’m told on good authority that that wicked little tool below is a Japanese carpentry saw called a dozuki.

If you get a thrill sewing high-end hardware laid bare for all the world to see, you’ll really get a kick out of the site’s RAZR teardown. With the casing open, you can see that the battery has to be flattened out almost across the entire back of the phone to fit into its incredibly skinny body. iFixIt has a pretty good breakdown of the core silicon, too, identifying the processor, GPU, on-bard memory and so on. Basics like the earpiece and camera are pretty easy.

They note that the RAZR will be very difficult to repair, due to its secure enclosure, non-removable battery and generally non-existent interior space. (You probably won’t actually need a dozuki, though.) If you’re still keen on the RAZR, be sure to read Android Community’s exhaustive review, then head on over to Amazon Wireless to take advantage of an insane $111.11 on-contract price, for a limited time only.

Once you’re done there, Motorola has a more official version: a walkthrough of the DROID RAZR in glorious CG video. It’s a little more tame, what with the lack of gigantic blades and everything, but gives you a good idea of how Motorola’s engineers crammed everything in there in the first place. Check it out below:

[device id=1739]



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