Last week, we mentioned that Motorola‘s MotoMaker customization tool for the Moto X is rumored to be available on Verizon starting Monday. It seems, however, that Verizon might have, accidentally or on purpose, leaked out the tool’s landing page on its website hours ahead of the expected launch.

One of the biggest selling factors of Motorola’s flagship, aside, of course, from the rather peculiar hardware powered by its own so-called X8 computing system as well as the new software features that are capturing the fancy of Android users everywhere, is the amount of customization available to buyers via the MotoMaker tool. Taking advantage of the fact that the device is manufactured within the country, Motorola is able to offer options ranging from back and front plate colors, accents, wallpapers, and more.

Unfortunately, MotoMaker was only available initially to AT&T’s customers. Verizon promised that the tool would also be available for its subscribers and, if the previous rumor holds out, that promise is scheduled to be fulfilled this Monday. It seems though that the landing page for the MotoMaker briefly became available for the public’s eyes before being pulled out. Of course, it might just be the carrier’s subtle way of teasing its user base.

Based on the screenshots taken while the page was still up, the MotoMaker-customized Moto X will cost $99.99, in line with the price cuts happening elsewhere. Some might wonder if the Moto X would still be enticing given the recent launch of the Nexus 5. But since Verizon refused to carry Google’s latest smartphone once again, its customers might find Motorola’s near-Nexus experience to be the next best thing.

VIA: Android Central