The Moto X launched with AT&T on August 23rd and shortly after that there was word about how the release with other carriers would happen “in days.” While we have yet to hear from every other carrier, we do have the release date and pricing details from Verizon. And true to the rumors, the Moto X will be available with Verizon Wireless as of August 29th.

The details were recently shared by way of the official @VZWnews Twitter account and they confirmed the price would be $199.99. The catch here, the initial August 29th release will be online only. An in-store availability date has yet to be set and at this time was said to be happening some time in the “coming weeks.”

This release will offer options to pick up the Moto X in black or white and with 16GB of internal storage. So far no word on a 32GB model and for now the Moto Maker customizations are still expected “later this year.” Verizon has yet to reveal the full retail price. They haven’t specifically mentioned the Edge pricing either, however looking at the other $199.99 handsets in the lineup and we see that price will be $25.22 per month (for 24 months).

Bottom line here, it looks like Verizon has now completed the big month of August. They have released the trio of new DROID branded handsets — including the ULTRA, MAXX and MINI and they have finally released the HTC One. End result here, if you had been waiting to see the details and prices for all these handsets it seems like now is the time to decide which to purchase.

We have a full review for the DROID ULTRA as well as the Moto X and the HTC One. Otherwise, it looks like the only hold back now would be for those who must have either a 32GB or a Moto Maker customized Moto X. And for those two, no set date or solid timeframe at the moment.