As we all know, nothing is official until Verizon announces it themselves. And even then sometimes things still get delayed. The Moto X was revealed on August 1st and so far all we know is it’s coming to all major US carriers later this month. A few leaked screenshots revealed the 23rd was Verizon’s release date, but now the same source has new details showing a slight delay.

Last week we learned that Best Buy would have the Moto X available for purchase starting on August 23rd. However, that date appears to be incorrect, or no one at Best Buy (or Verizon) is exactly sure what the plan is. It appears the end of this month will be a crazy one with the Moto X, the Moto DROID lineup, and now the HTC One all for Verizon.

The same leakster and Best Buy outlet has leaked another internal inventory screenshot today, one which reveals the new release date for the Verizon Moto X has been moved to August 29th. And like we said above, nothing is official until it’s official. So yea, who knows at this point.


The image above provided by the folks at AndroidCentral is where this latest news is stemming from, and at this point it really is anyone’s guess as to what Verizon has planned. The image does state they’ll receive stock on the 15th, but won’t start offering it til the 29th. So maybe you can snag one early. Or maybe, just maybe, another carrier will have them first. Since Verizon usually is a little late to the game.