If you’re looking to buy an affordable but solid smartphone early this year, you might want to put the Motorola Moto G on your wishlist. And, depending on your intended use case, you might not have to worry about being chained to contracts, as the Moto G will soon be available directly from Best Buy at a very low price, if you’re willing to sign up under Verizon, that is.

The Moto G came as a rather pleasant surprise to close the year. While not bearing the same high-end features as its more expensive older sibling and look alike, the Moto X, this mid-range smartphone still packed quite a punch and comes unlocked to boot. Because of this and the rather enticing low price point, we even considered the Moto G as a mid-range counterpart to Google’s Nexus 5. You can head over to our full review of the device to see what this unexpected gem has to offer.

As mentioned, one of the major selling points of the Moto G is the price tag. One can buy the smartphone from Motorola’s online catalog at $179 for the 8 GB model and $199 for the 16 GB, both without contracts. Those who prefer to walk into a real location will now have the chance via Best Buy. It has just been confirmed that Verizon will be stocking the retailer’s shelves with CDMA-compatible models as soon as possible. Although the actual launch date was supposedly scheduled for January 6, Best Buy has been authorized to start selling the Moto G as soon as stocks arrive.

The Verizon Moto G will be coming with an almost ridiculous low price tag of $99 with a prepaid arrangement. If that sounds too good to be true it’s because it might actually be. As explained previously, this might actually end up costing users more in the long run, especially if they use mobile data quite extensively, as they will not be able to use the Moto G on a postpaid account.

VIA: SlashGear