Plenty of Android users are fiercely loyal, to the platform if not to any particular brand. Verizon is hoping to keep it that way, and they may be taking some proactive steps in that direction soon. According to an anonymous source at Droid-Life, the US carrier is looking into developing a loyalty program that rewards customers who buy DROID phones on a regular basis.

While many would say that US carriers’ penchant for subsidized phones and restrictive multi-year contracts is a sort of an anti-loyalty punishment program, there’s real value for Verizon in keeping its customers on Android. The carrier has invested heavily in marketing and development – without Verizon’s big push for the original DROID back in 2009, Android might not be where it is today. Not to mention the wide range of premium services Verizon offers on Android, like V-Cast and NFL Mobile.

The source doesn’t divulge many details, but a discount on newer phones and/or a shortened window for subsidizes would be ideal. Many DROID users are tech enthusiasts who love having the latest and greatest hardware, which is something that a 24-month upgrade window tends to discourage. With what seems like a new flagship phone coming from each manufacturer every few months, a reward for customers indulging in their gadget lust would be a compelling way to keep them coming back for more.

The program is said to be in the early stages of development, so even if the tipster is spot-on, it could be a while before Verizon customers can reap any new benefits.