Verizon and the NFL recently struck a deal reportedly worth $720 million over four years. This new deal has been quickly morphed into an Android app that will allow Verizon customers to watch live NFL games on Sundays and Thursdays. Also, this app will give you access to the RedZone channel which gives you highlights and scores of recent games around the league. Verizon is expected to release this app Monday.

“For Verizon Wireless, it is NFL content delivered over our 3G network so football fans can extend the excitement of the sport long after the last touchdown of a season,” said John Stratton, Verizon’s executive VP, in a prepared statement. “And the NFL content is customizable in that consumers have options from video to ringtones to alerts; the choice is theirs.”

You don’t want to wait to Monday to get your hands on this? Click this link to download the apk now, Droid-life was able to get their hands on it early. So, if you’re an NFL fan and have a Motorola Droid and Devour, or HTC Droid Eris download it now and check it out.

Youtube video was taken by DroidRootHelper


[via intomobile]