We were not expecting the HTC One to arrive with Verizon as a DROID branded device, however it looks like that possibility has been completely ruled out. Beginning with the release of the DROID ULTRA, DROID MAXX and DROID MINI, all future DROID branded devices will be coming from Motorola. Simply put, Motorola has been signed on as the exclusive partner to release DROID branded devices.

Details of this arrangement come from Verizon marketing executive Jeff Dietel. In a statement provided to CNET, Dietel mentioned this new exclusivity agreement and also touched on how they believe “DROID is a formula that works very well.” The other side of this comes in with Motorola now locking in a flagship spot with Verizon Wireless.

Basically, the Motorola DROID devices will continue to sit with ‘hero’ placement. With that in mind, Dietel also spoke briefly about hero/flagship devices in general. He touched on how these flagship devices “need to stand for something to customers” and went on to talk about how these three new handsets would have a longer shelf life as compared to some of the earlier hero/flagship releases.

Outside of this announcement, Motorola has a long history of releasing DROID branded devices all the way back to the original. On the flip side though, we have seen a few from other manufacturers. HTC release a DROID device, the DROID DNA and there was also the DROID Charge, which came by way of Samsung. Bottom line here, moving forward all DROID devices will also carry the Motorola name and that will begin with the release of these three new devices on August 20th.